Monday, September 10, 2012

A playful weekend!

This post is going to be complete randomness since I can't seem to blog daily...we have been busy doing lots of fun stuff lately:)

Thursday, we had a  play date with a friend from preschool:) I didn't get a picture that day, but here is one from when they went to school together! So cute!

Ava goes to kindergarten, but we snuck over for a couple of hours after school! Then Friday, we went to the World Class Gym and played with her brothers:) Brennan also got to play with his BFF's there and we ended up having another play date with them later Friday evening! Lots of playtime lately:) Sadly, I have been terrible about taking pictures (because my memory card was full) so I don't have any pictures of all of the fun. 

Saturday morning, we took a trip to Braeutigam's Orchard which is where Brennan's preschool was. We were hoping to see his teachers and we found one! Mrs. Patterson is working in the new bakery and making some yummy apple cider and pumpkin donuts! Brennan got to feed the goats, see the silly turkey and chickens and play with all of the fun farm toys. We will definitely be going back soon:)

Saturday night, Brennan went to a picnic in town  and played with some more BFF's while I went into work for a few hours. Apparently the bounce house was the place to be. He came home with some fun toys, too. No pictures of this either, but I will share one of Brennan and I last week:)

Sunday we went to a birthday party for our friend Louie! He turned 10 years old this year and he is such a special birthday dog that he was eating doggy ice cream when we got there! Brennan thought that was pretty funny:)

Here I am with the birthday boy and my BFF and his mom, Jessica.

Brennan had so much fun playing with Louie and he made some new friends too:)

Here is the card Brennan made for "Looee" He drew a picture of Louie and wrote his name on the front. Love love.

Picking out stickers-dogs and dog bones were a popular pick:)

When I first thought about home schooling, one thing that worried me was possible lack of socialization and now it is my least concern. We are so lucky to have so many friends with kids and GOOD kids. I love all of the kids Brennan hangs out with my all my heart. They all play well together and are well mannered. And one of the best parts about home schooling (and was a major plus for me with homeschooling) is that I get to choose who he hangs out with. Casey has said in the past that this isn't fair to him, but I love it (it could be my nature of control freakism). I think seeing different behaviors is important too, but I don't think it is necessary now. I want him to have a good foundation of positives when he is younger so he knows the difference when he is older. I do not by any means think that public school is bad and I don't want people to think that I do, but there were many reasons I loved the idea of home schooling and this was one of them. 

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