Thursday, September 20, 2012

Air Show

Last weekend we went to the Air Show at Scott Air Force Base. They had it two years ago and we went and it was really a nice time. It was hard to have a "nice time" then because it was just a couple of months after Reese and Scotlyn died. Some of those feelings came back being there, but I can definitely tell a difference in how I felt then and how I feel now.

Parachuter with an American Flag-beautiful!

The giant Gecko...

Anyway, there weren't as many planes that you could get into-to act like you're driving anyway.

We did go in a couple though:)

Brennan was "lifting" this plane:)



We went down below, I think this is where the refueling occurs. 

Upside down

Last time we bought Brennan this plane and I brought it back because I knew he would need his own plane to drive. Of course GiGi bought him another plane there!

He had lots of fun flying his plane...

Then he was acting like a plane himself.

He wanted someone to play with there. He doesn't always ask for someone to play with, but lately when we go somewhere he asks if his friends will be there and if not then he asks if the kids will play with him. I was SO proud of him, he went up to two kids to see if they wanted to play. I think he actually asked one, but the other one he just handed his plane to him. Neither of them were really interested, the one he asked flat out said no:( The other boys family was really trying to get him to watch the show. Brennan didn't seem disappointed, he just came back over and started playing with us.

Can you see the heart??

He really enjoyed watching the planes:)

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  1. Looks like great family fun!!!! I am always trying to get Shayla to go up and ask little girls to play because she is never around them. It doesn't look like it bothered him in the least :)