Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Punctuation Project

Brennan and I have been touching a little on punctuation while reading lately. I found this little project in a teaching magazine.

I used popsicle sticks and wrote sentences on them without punctuation. I painted the front green like a stem and made a flower out of construction paper.

I intended to get little flower pots, but I was so excited to do this I got impatient and grabbed a couple of white cups. I put the punctuation on the cup and he read the sentence and put the flowers in the appropriate cup.

He had a lot of fun reading my sentences. I feel like the period and the exclamation point can be a little confusing. He knows the difference, but he wanted all of the sentences to go under exclamation point because he was excited about them (I love animals! I love ice cream! Daddy is the coolest! School is fun!) Finally, he said (about the cup with a period) "This cup is kind of empty so I am going to put some in there." 

I love him!

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