Thursday, September 6, 2012

There are many days that I stop and think "How have I made it this many years, months, weeks, days, sometimes even hours without Reese and Scotlyn? How?" Physically, emotionally, I can't believe I have lived 2 whole years without them. I go through different phases and emotions where I am just too sad to try to "celebrate" their life and just be happy with the time I had with them. I am very thankful for that time, but I want more. I see people have healthy babies ALL the time, why couldn't that be me and my babies? I see entirely too many people who have lost their babies, too and that confuses me even more. How could something so horrific happen to so many people? I know that a lot of bad things happen in the world each day that is beyond understanding (way more than I even care to know which is why I rarely follow the news). Each day still holds some element of difficulty. I miss them so very much, still. This time has seemed too long already, sometimes I wonder how I will be able to live forever without them.

I found the post about this ornament in my drafts. I guess I never finished posting about Christmas and didn't share this. It was an ornament my BFF Kate gave me last Christmas for their 2nd Christmas, isn't it lovely?

I also wanted to share, a dear friend visited Reese and Scotlyn's grave recently and as she was driving by our house from the cemetery to go home, she snapped this photo-isn't it amazing!? I said it looked like they were shining down on us and she agreed that she felt the same way<3 span="span">

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  1. Love the picture and the ornament!

    Thinking of you.