Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We made a creation...

I bet you're wondering what or who this is!:) Brennan used to listen to Dr Jean songs at preschool, so when I saw her CD at the library, I decided to take it home so we could listen to it and reminisce. Some of the songs we had hear before at school and it was fun to listen to them again, but a few were new.  One being Katalina Matalina. We were listening to it in the car one day and Brennan started asking "Who is she?" "What does she look like?" The song describes all of these silly physical features. I couldn't tell him who she was or what she looked like because there was no character to show him so I decided we would make one. We gathered all of the art supplies we had that might work and went to town:)

Katalina Matalina Upsadina Walkadina Hoca Poca Loca was her name.

Apparently, this is what she was intended to look like. I found this after we started ours. 

Her head was shaped like a baseball bat.

It's pretty close although I made her head an actual baseball bat instead of just shaped like one...ooops:)

  And right on top was a funny, old hat. 

She had two hairs in her head.   One was alive and the other was dead.

She had two eyes in her head. One was purple and the other was red.
She had two teeth in her mouth. One pointed north and the other pointed south.

 Her neck was as long as a ten foot pole. And right in the middle was a big, black bow. 

I think our neck is better because it actually shows that it's long (maybe not 10 feet exactly, but still)

  Her hips were like two ships in port. One headed south and the other headed north. 

 Her feet were as flat as a bathroom mat. How did they ever get like that?

   But she had a heart, so I’m told. That was made of purest gold.

I think I am going to do this with quite a few of the songs. Brennan really loves listening to ta lot of the songs and it was fun bringing this one to life:) 

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