Friday, September 21, 2012

Zoo Day

We took another trip to the zoo Tuesday! I wanted to go one more time before they closed the sting ray exhibit. 

My mother in law came with us and we had a lot of fun:) She kept saying no to petting the sting rays, but when I finally convinced her to, she didn't want to stop!

They had a blast!

If you get there the first hour the zoo is open, the sting ray exhibit is free!

This one is huge!

Then they started feeding time while we were in there!

Then we made into the Children's Zoo in the first hour for free too:)

He had to sit on the froggies:)


Learning about sea otter fur. It dries almost immediately when they get out of the water!

Climbing the hill to go down the slide.

As tall as a pygmy goat!:)

Outside the insectarium.

One of our favorite stops is the butterfly house. This poor butterfly could not even fly because it's wings were broken:( The workers were keeping a close eye on it and keeping it off the ground.

There are signs everywhere saying not to touch the butterflies, but they let us hold this one:)

Note: Mamaw is carrying the purse we got her when Brennan was about 9 months old-see the picture of him:)

I couldn't even believe these two matching beauties flying around us. They were in sync for the longest time and I captured them flying together:)

I had planned to go to the sea lion show because we didn't get to do it last time. I think it was sold out maybe, so I really wanted to go this time, but now they are only doing them on Friday and Saturday:(

It was still fun to go through the tunnel:)

Here is my goofy boy in the bathroom. He is obsessed with these dryers-he always sticks his head under them!


Watching the monkeys. 

And acting like monkeys ourselves!

They were quite playful.

I debated posting this-it seems the expression on Brennan's face might portray his reaction to seeing what is behind him, but thankfully he was spared the view. How do you not know half of your behind is exposed to extremely cold temperatures in the penguin house??

Learning about different cat fur in Big Cat Country. We did see quite a few cats-leopards, tiger, lion, jaguar, but apparently I didn't take any pictures of them.

Toward the end, he needed a little relax time.

Brennan knew what this was one day and told me, he saw it on Diego. It was fun to see them in person:) Oh by the way, it's a Marmoset in case you're wondering!

It was fun to do something like this with mamaw (as Brennan calls her)!

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  1. Looks like a really fun day!!!! Love mamaw's purse I noticed it even before you mentioned it :) I just love grandmas that love their grand-kids. Oh the sweet matching butterflies I know you were thinking of Reese and Scotlyn :) LOL that shot of naked lady is hilariousness what is she thinking Brennan's face is priceless????? You look great by the way:)