Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Worms and Dirt

Brennan found this worm on Saturday when he was outside working in the yard with Casey. They put him in a jar and with some dirt. 

I asked Brennan what his name is and he said "Skinny"! LOVE IT!

The worm appeared to be getting a little sluggish so Casey decided the worm needed more moisture and to be in the fridge to cool off. Good thinking daddy! 

I think it worked because he is still kickin' and yes we still have a worm inhabiting our refrigerator...I am trying to convince Brennan to let him go because he is probably hungry!


  1. SO cute!!! Worms are only cute when in the hand of a happy little boy!

  2. Love the name! I never would have thought to put it in the fridge. Good luck with Skinny's eviction notice, you are better then me to let a worm live in the fridge.