Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I wanted to share some pictures of Easter from past years for something fun and different. Here is one of my favorites from when I was young, coloring Easter eggs with my mom at my grandparents' clubhouse. My grandparents live on the same property now, but when this picture was taken, we would just take little weekend trips there. The clubhouse is one bedroom, a small kitchen and a living/dining room. There was no bathroom when this picture was taken-yep, we used an outhouse! There is a bathroom in there now:) The clubhouse aka Happy Landing and all of the memories made there deserves it's own post!

1988-I think!

This was originally intended to document Brennan's Easters so here is Brennan's first Easter, officially.

I was about 14 weeks pregnant with Brennan in these pictures.

This is a terrible picture, but I wanted to include it since it's of Casey and I-let's chalk up to the angle and I was pregnant;)

Here are pictures from Brennan's first celebratory Easter in 2008...

Mommy and Brenny~that's what I used to call him:)

First photo with the bunny. He didn't mind one bit!

I was so not happy with JC Penney and these pictures at the time, but I love them now and I am so glad I have them!

Easter 2009

Easter 2010-LOVED the bunny!

Easter 2011

Brennan made bunnies for Reese and Scotlyn last year:)


This morning hunting:)

The Easter bunny brought this awesome butterfly pavilion with a caterpillar to butterfly book-I can't wait to get our larvae! Brennan also got a couple of Easter books, shark jammies and shark swim trunks.

I don't post a lot about Reese and Scotlyn, but they are still very much missed by our family. We think about them and talk about them often. Our holidays are certainly not the same without those special little girls here to celebrate with us. This would be their first Easter that they would be running around hunting for eggs with Brennan and that is weighing heavily on my mind and my heart. I try to focus on the memories we do have with them, which is not nearly enough, but it's impossible not to think about what should be. I hope they are hunting for many beautiful golden eggs in Heaven<3

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