Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Tuesday

We had a very eventful and productive day today. We started the day off with a painting project...very messy, but very fun!:) I wish I could post pictures because it's soooo cute, but it's a gift and I don't want to spoil it:)

Then we went to the Y and I did a class with a friend while Brennan played in the playroom with her kids. We came home and played a bit, practiced reading and then my sister stopped by with her puppy:)

Isn't she cute?!

Her name is Colby, Brennan loved playing with her.

<3 these two

Then we did a little playing in the water table, which has been a favorite of ours lately! Brennan has been so into the ocean and anything having to do with the ocean animals, this is the perfect scene for his imagination.

You might be wondering what this strange stuff is...actually I'm not sure the real name, but in our ocean-it is kelp:)

Then Brennan decided we needed to bake something. He originally wanted to bake gingerbread men, but I didn't have the energy ingredients to make those so he settled on blueberry muffins, the just add milk kind.

We also did a little math lesson, fractions:) These are the times that I get most excited about homeschooling-I get to spend the days with my favorite boy and use fun opportunities like this to teach him.

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  1. Yes I love those teaching moments. What a cute puppy, Really great pictures!