Saturday, April 7, 2012

Video Journey

I posted this video at the bottom of my page. It shares our story in pictures of our memories with Reese and Scotlyn. Mommy misses you so much!


  1. This video is so incredibly sweet. I have to tell you that when I saw the hair line type dent (I'm not sure if there is a technical term for it) in one of your girls heads I got really excited because Isaac had the same thing. Your girls are precious. Hugs and prayers for you.

  2. They are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. I hope it was therapeutic to make it.

  3. Hi Kim, oh goodness that video brought me to tears.....I am so very sorry sweet mommy. Your girls are beautiful and your love for them is so precious. I know holidays are hard....I ma pretty sad this Easter. I am saying a prayer for you now! I would love to know where you got the beautiful feet ornament...when you can drop me A Line. Thanks for sharing Scotlyn and Reese with us, your vidio was so very special.