Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bereaved Mommy Link Up

My friend and fellow baby loss momma, Tesha, is doing a Tuesday link up to help grieving mommies get connected. She has such encouraging and comforting words and is such an inspiration to the baby loss world. Thank you Tesha for taking the time to reach out to everyone!

Tesha's treasures


  1. Thank you Kim for putting the button up and your sweet words you are such an encouragement to me. SO I spelled Bereaved wrong in the button LOL would you mind grabbing the new one off my side bar. I would uses the excuses that I made that button in the middle of the night, which is true....but everyone knows I am a really bad speller LOL again! Oh my goodness my homeschooling teenager will never let me live this one down! LOL even more!

  2. Oh also if you want to do a clickable picture on your sidebar where it tells your girls story I will help you.

  3. I just came over form the link up. I have always wanted twins and my two oldest girls have said for years how they want twin girls in the family. Your story broke me tonight. The loss of one was awful but your two had to be even worse. They are precious and I love their names! Blessings to you and your family!!!