Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring and Easter Fun

We have been doing some fun projects at home. We have always done different crafts and projects at home, but I have been more on a teaching mission to get into the groove for homeschooling next year. I mean, officially next year, we are always looking for learning opportunities now, too.

Here he is making his own Angry Bird:)

We also made a nest out of yarn, the glue and brown paint is the 'mud' birds use to keep the nest together:) We read a book about robins and their eggs and nests.

We had to let it set overnight.

Meanwhile we painted eggs to go in the nest.

Since the book about robins described the daddy bird 'guarding the nest', Brennan's angry bird turned into the daddy bird to guard the eggs:)

Brennan had fun hunting for eggs at school.

and at home with his friends...

The Easter Bunny even came to our house!

We dyed eggs yesterday, too.

Last year we got a really cute dinosaur kit, you can take a look here. We couldn't find the dinosaur kit, but of course got one with animals-jungle animals!

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