Monday, April 29, 2013

Adjusting at Home

Here is my knight in shining armor who came to take me home yesterday:) My other knight is not pictured:)

 I had to be able to walk up stairs in order to "pass"  physical therapy to go home. I was really worried about getting into the car, but it went pretty well. Being home has been a bit of an adjustment, just learning to get in and out of bed and finding a good combo of lying in bed, sitting in bed and sitting in a chair. They all get tiring after a little while. Yesterday I was getting myself out of bed by myself, which was a big accomplishment. My leg is still swollen, but it doesn't feel so heavy anymore. My bed is actually easier than the hospital bed too because my sheets are slick and I can slide around a little easier. Today I was able to get in and out of bed by myself-I was starting to worry I might never get back in bed by myself. I came home to a clean house, cleaned by my friend Renee. And my BFF's got me 2 house cleanings while I am recovering.

Here is Bren and I shortly after I got to my room after surgery and shortly before I passed out. I was feeling so good, I never would have imagined I would pass out!

Casey brought me the ant farm when I got home so I could see what they have been up to. All of the white sand at the top of the ant farm was brought up by the ants. They have been very busy! 

Gilbert the beta also got to move into his new home-complete with glow in the dark rocks. Spoiled little fish.

Our window bird feeder has had some visitors too:)

Here are the flowers Brennan brought me in the hospital:)

A plant my moms friend Donna brought me with dinner:)

Casey has been so amazing!!! He has been waiting on me hand and foot and has been very patient with me. I am soooo lucky to have him! Also, my mom helped get us settled in and she is spending the day with us today. I hope she can handle Brennan and I-we're pretty needy:)

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  1. Glad to hear you are home & getting adjusted! Praying recovery continues to go well. :)