Thursday, April 18, 2013


I have always thought about Reese and Scotlyn as babies, occasionally I would think of the age they should be. Lately I have been stuck on this 2 year old thing. I'm not sure if it's the progression of my grief or just a different phase, but I am always thinking of the things they would be doing at this age-more than usual. Every age is fun, but I think about how this age would be when they would really be showing their personalities and talking and just the funny things kids say at this age. I miss Reese and Scotlyn so much! There are times that I look at their pictures and still can't believe they are gone forever. I still try to imagine what they would look like. This might sound strange, but I have even thought of those age progression drawings to see what they would look like. Just so many unanswered thoughts.

I was delighted to see two, yes just two, blooms on their magnolia bush. I have been waiting for blooms on any of my trees and I have really been enjoying these first two blooms. Thank you to my playgroup girls again for this beautiful magnolia bush in memory of my sweet girls♥

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