Friday, April 5, 2013

Better days

This week started off miserable...I had a stomach bug so I was sick in bed Monday. Here is Brennan being a total trooper playing games/watching videos on the laptop in bed with me:) 

He had gotten close to his next goal of 50 books so usually when it gets really close we set a goal for each day to get to the day when we can go get his prize. Well it worked out to be Monday-the day I was feeling horrible! I slept off and on trying to feel better so I could take Brennan. At one point I told him I didn't think we were going to be able to go. He was so upset. I felt SO bad because he works so hard and really looks forward to his prizes, especially when we have it pinned down to the day we are going to go. I said "Brennan, what if mommy has to throw up in the car?" His response "We can take a napkin." Umm, okay that might not be quite enough. I finally got enough energy early afternoon to take a shower and I am not sure how, but we got out the door. Once I started driving and got out into the sunny day, I did start feeling a little better. We made through the store rather quickly (and only one bathroom trip for me;) and he got his prize!

Tuesday I decided not to have Brody over because I wasn't sure how I would feel and I didn't want them to be doing nonsense all day. I ended up feeling a smidge better than Monday, but still was not feeling well at all. Brody came over Thursday and we celebrated 100 days! We are actually past 100 days, but I just hadn't really prepared yet to celebrate. We are still behind regular school schedule, but I plan to school Brennan through the summer since we don't do school every day since I work and because I want him to continue reading/writing/reviewing math skills so he is prepared for next year.

So in their own goofy way, here they are counting out 10 groups of 10 pennies:)

Writing/drawing what they would do with $100-Brody would buy a dog and Brennan would buy a snake. Sounds somewhat reasonable although I can't say I'm quite ready for a snake in our house so lets hope $100 does not come into Brennans hands anytime soon.

Snack time with ten of 10 different snacks.


Today we finally had a nice sunny day that I wasn't working-yay! We spent a lot of the day at the park. Brennan had a lot of fun-not really sure what this is-park spa? I ran into an old friend from high school who was there with his daughter so we chatted while the kids played-very nice day:)

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  1. Oh gosh I hope you are all better I now how hard it is to be sick and have kids and home school. I am wondering if you are getting my blog updates the URL changed so you might need to re-sign up:)