Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New friends

Today was Brodys last day here for a while:( We went to the library then picked up some ice cream:) Here they are walking hand in hand in the rain♥

Brennan got an ant farm for Christmas. I ordered the ants a while back, but it has been too cold for them to come. They were set to deliver when weather permitted. We usually don't have anything planned week to week that would make a difference when they come, except when I have surgery. I mean I guess it's not that big of a deal since we have them set up in their habitat (what an adventure that was), but I have books and study sheets for the boys on ants and I really wanted to do all of that with them. We talked a little about them in the short time we had after we got home and I got them out of the mailbox. And they had SO much fun watching them!

These ants are quite feisty. First, I am reading all about what needs to be done to get their habitat ready, get them in there and care for them. Then I read that they can bite or sting. So I get everything ready and they come in this little tube. it said to put them in the fridge for 15 minutes to calm them so it's easier to get them in the habitat. I put them in for 10 minutes, I was kind of afraid they might die. So they were calm when I took them out. I did something else to the habitat and apparently they don't stay calm for long because when I was trying to put them in they started crawling out (I might not have had the tube in all the way), all over the place! Eek! So I'm freaking out a little-not gonna lie-if they were normal ants whatever, but this girl does NOT want to get bit! So I set the tube down only to realize I didn't put the cap on so more ant got out then I put the cap on and it came off while I was frantically trying to figure out how I was going to capture the other ants. Got the cap on-tight this time. Then the ants that did go into the habitat were crawling out of the top because I didn't put the lid on because once again-frantically trying to catch run away stinging, biting ants-gahhh!! They were mean little things-I didn't get bit, but they just looked like they were ready to bite! Meanwhile these two boys are over on the couch huddled together barely peeking over at what is going on. Seriously-I need backup! Finally, I get a glass and start scooping them up into it. They didn't really go too far so that was good, but they were kind of all over the place and hopefully I got them all! Here are about 50 ants that seem to be adapting to their new home-they must be happier than in the tube!

We also acquired a new fishy friend this weekend. Brennan was in our friends wedding and they had a few of these little guys as decorations. Brennan decorated his little bowl with a kitty, how appropriate:) 

Oh and I decorated it with a mustache from the wedding;)

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  1. I was totally laughing during the ant story, but I'd be freaking out too! The boys huddled on the couch especially made me smile :)