Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11: Supportive Friends/Family

I was really stressing about this because there is no way I could ever name every person who has been supportive to me without feeling like it's possible that I may have left someone out.  So that goes to show how much support I have had over the last 2 years. I am talking about anyone who has ever even spoken to me about Reese and Scotlyn or done something to show their support. I haven't forgotten. I did want to post some of the support we have received in pictures since this is a photography challenge. (I am still worried someone will feel left out, especially because I am doing this sort of last minute.) I know the people who have been supportive know who they are and I hope they know it is very much appreciated.

This was actually given to me when I was pregnant with Reese and Scotlyn by my best friend, Kate with the note below. I wore it the whole time I was pregnant and it still brought me great comfort to wear it after.

This is an angel wing pin that was sent to me while I was still in the hospital after Scotlyn died. It was from two of the sweetest girls that I used to work with. Alicia and Amanda. We still keep in touch and I'm so lucky to have these girls as friends even though we don't work together anymore.

This a picture of the flowers we had from the hospital and when we got home.

This little boy has been a HUGE supporter!

Here is a magnolia tree that was planted in memory of Reese and Scotlyn by my dear friends in a play group Brennan and I belonged to. Such sweet supportive ladies in their words and their actions.

Here is the tree that my very best friends (there are 7 of them!) in the whole wide world had planted for me.

They also had this plaque placed with it:)

Here we are the day our friends, Adam and Joe, placed the plaque. We are missing my friend Jessica:(

 I want to note that we have two more trees in our yard that were planted for Reese and Scotlyn. One was donated by a friend, Roche Means and the other was from my grandma and my aunts in Mississippi. I can't find the picture!!

My BFF's (the girls above) each gave me a single pink rose on the day of Reese and Scotlyns' funeral. 

The wonderful ladies I work with had this personalized stool made for us in memory of Reese and Scotlyn. We are finally getting our sidewalk put in (after only 3 years!) so I am hoping to get this outside in the spring. I kind of like it inside because I know it's protected, but we will see how it goes.

These angels were from a coworker as well, I just love them.

My friends, Hope and Sherry, got this for us. It sits on our hearth and it often takes my breath away when I look at it. I love it.

My dad and Renee had this made for us shortly after the girls died. I love the saying, this sits on our mantle.

My BFF Kate had these blocks made for us. It has Reese and Scotlyn's stats on them. I love them. 

My mom's friend got us this little statue with twins on it. It sits on our mantle.

This necklace was sent to us by the nurse that was taking care of Reese the day she died. I was so touched that she thought of us enough to send a super sweet card with this special gift. I think of her often.

Kate's mom, Ruth, sent this to me after I got home. It says Our Angels, Reese and Scotlyn.

This is a bracelet my mom gave me when we got home. I wore this almost every day for the longest time and still wear it.

This perfect picture was created by my step-mom, Renee. She had a picture of Reese and Scotlyn and a picture of Brennan and had it drawn so that he is looking up at them in Heaven. She is so thoughtful and creative, I love this picture so much.

These ornaments are so amazing. My first Christmas was so so difficult. My best friend, Kate, (yes all the same Kate!) had these ornaments made with Reese and Scotlyn's footprints on them. 

It has their foot prints, their name, birth and death date and First Christmas in Heaven. Then it says "The world wasn't ready for you angel baby, We miss you"

I was trying to keep things in order somewhat, but I want to add the 2nd Christmas ornament Kate got them as well.

This is the angel ornament The Mercy Heartprints program sent us for Reese and Scotlyn's first Christmas. They sent us something every holiday the first year. It was a really nice program if you have to be in my shoes.

My mother-in-law had these ornaments made for us for their first Christmas.

My BFF's had these balloons made for the girls' first birthday. They also started a college fund for Brennan and donated to it on their first and second birthdays. I'm SO lucky to have such sweet and supportive friends.


The beautiful quilt Renee made from my maternity shirts, Reese and Scotlyn's clothes, blankets, sheets, Brennan's big brother shirts. She also made us a beautiful quilt stand for it to hang on.

Renee also made these bears out of left over sheets and blankets.

This bracelet was given to me by my Aunt Lori in Mississippi around their first birthday. It was so very special and unexpected to receive this gift right before their first birthday.

This year in May brought The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia and I was so overwhelmed with the support I received for that! Here is my HUGE team:)

Final Donation Report-$1,745! Awesomeness!

Reese and Scotlyn's 2nd birthday this year brought a lot of sweet and thoughtful messages and special pictures like this one. This is from a fellow baby loss blogging mommy, Tesha and she made their names in the sand with stones. Love love it!

Another fellow baby loss blogging mommy, Kimberly,  that I have become close with posted this on her page for my babies.

Another one of my best friends, Amanda, took these cute little flowers to Reese and Scotlyn's grave for their 2nd birthday:)

A random text message from my best friend, Dani:)

This was a sweet and thoughtful gift given to me by my Aunt Mariland in Mississippi. So very appropriate in a time of grieving.

I don't have a picture of us, but I want to mention my friend Angie as well. She is a baby loss mommy that I am friends with in real life. She has been very supportive and helped me through my first infant loss meeting. Since then she has often been there for me to offer support.

This is aside from the numerous cards and messages I received throughout this time, some from strangers. There are people who still check in on me occasionally and I really appreciate that people understand that this is an ongoing process and offer to be there for me. I hope that if I have left anything out that you will forgive me, I should have given myself more time, but there is no action big or small that has been forgotten.


  1. I am so glad you have so much support! And I suck because I STILL have the card I meant to send you on the girls' birthday.

  2. Love all of your beautiful memories!!! I am so glad you have revived support. The peas in the pod is my favorite:)

  3. Kim, every single item on this post is beautiful and makes me teary eyed. There is so much love all around you. Your girls are greatly loved and greatly missed. <3 I hope you have a good Monday morning!