Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 31: Sunset

This challenge has been just that, a challenge, but it has also been comforting and rewarding. I had been struggling with writing about my grief in my daily life. Things are so different, but also the same which is hard to explain and especially without feeling like I'm on repeat. It has been so nice to have a whole month to talk about Reese and Scotlyn, I know I could anytime, but without it feeling random and scattered. I don't think people realize what a huge part of my life Reese and Scotlyn are even though they aren't here. I don't get to show pictures of their growing bodies or write about new milestones they are meeting so I think it could be easy to assume that what has happened is in the past, but they are still very much a part of my present. I'm a little sad this has ended, even though I know I can share anytime.

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  1. It was a wonderful journey and healing, so glad we did it together:)