Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 25: Baby Shower/Blessing

I didn't have a baby shower because I was admitted at 23 weeks, but I did receive a few gifts.

These adorable hats are from my BFF Amanda.

These pea pod hats were from my BFF Kate.

Reese and Scotlyn's room wasn't decorated, but I had bought quite a few things for it. I had a pink tutu bed skirt for their cribs, pink and brown polka dot sheets, a pink and brown lamp, a rug to go in the middle of the two cribs and my mom had bought these to set in their rooms. I still daydream at times what their room would look like when it was all set up in the way I had dreamed of for so long.

The last 3 pictures are clothes that I ordered from Gymboree while I was in the hospital waiting for Reese and Scotlyn to be born. 

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  1. Such sweet items I am so sorry you never got to use them for your precious girls.