Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 21: Alter/Shrine/Sacred Place

I have 2 canvas collages, one of Reese and one of Scotlyn. Then in the middle is the picture Renee had sketched for us.

Reese and Scotlyn's quilt on the quilt stand Renee made for us. Their footprints and picture is on top.

The curio cabinet that Renee also made (yes she is extremely talented!) and it has a lot of sentimental pieces we have received for Reese and Scotlyn, along with other treasured items.


  1. WOW, Renee is a special friend, and yes, she is talented! I teared up as I looked at the picture she sketched of your three children. I love how brother is looking up, smiling at his sisters. :)

    1. Hi Shannon,

      Renee is my step mom:) She had the picture sketched for us, but she did all of the woodworking and she put together Reese and Scotlyn's quilt. We are so lucky to have her in our lives:)

      Thank you for your comment. Kim

  2. shuch beautiful memorabilia you have!