Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2: Before Loss Self Portrait

I think some people who have never experienced a loss like this before may wonder what the significance of a before and after portrait would be, but anyone who has experienced this kind of loss knows that the person in the before picture and the person in the after picture are not the same person and are not living near the same life.

This is a more naive, think my life is pretty perfect me.

This picture was taken for my passport right before I left for Jamaica with my girlfriends. Jamaica is my last real memory of my "old self". I very often think back to that time because it was literally days before my life changed forever. We conceived Reese and Scotlyn about a week after I got home and found out I was pregnant with them less than 2 weeks after I got home. Those were the last days of a carefree and naive me whose biggest worry at that time was when I was going to get pregnant with my baby (and it was a big worry at that time).

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