Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4: Most Treasured Items

I couldn't choose just one treasured item. My babies are gone so I hold onto everything
 I have.

I did choose the absolute most important items because they were ones that Reese and Scotlyn have touched like the dresses they wore for their pictures. Or the tiniest blue bow that my sweet girl Reese wore in her hair.  

This is a page in the memory book that the hospital made for us. It has locks of Scotlyn's hair in it. Hair that I will never get to wash or put a bow in or braid. So I treasure the hair that I do have here with me.

Reese's foot and hand prints. Treasured just the same because I don't get to hold those precious little hands or hear those little feet running around our house. I can never kiss boo boo's on those fingers or paint those little toe nails.

Our photos. The photographer captured our beautiful babies and we now have something tangible to hold on since we can never see them again. We never ever get another chance to have pictures with them so the pictures I do have, I treasure forever.