Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Up close

I was washing out Brennan's water table this weekend and I found this spider so I captured it. Brennan has a bug vacuum that has a little magnifying glass on it so I put in there so he could see it better. It was so neat, within about 10 minutes the spider had already spun a web.

Then I decided we should given the spider a meal, since we were holding it captive and all. There was a fly in our house so I ran around the house trying to kill the fly (Casey was looking at me like I was crazy!) I finally caught the fly and put it in there. The spider must have been hungry because it only took about 5 seconds and the spider had latched on and paralyzed the fly. I was trying to get Brennan to watch form the beginning, but he was busy doing something else.

He did enjoy watching the spider after he got the fly. We have been reading Charlott'es Web so this was such good timing! We learned from the book that spiders don't actually eat the flies, it just drinks its' blood and that is exactly what this one was doing. I might have found this more interesting than Brennan. You can see the spider, the fly and the web in this picture:)

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  1. You are such a great mom! You are so good at this, you would make a great teacher!