Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 20: Charity/Organization

This was actually the perfect challenge for today because today we participated in the Share Walk for infant and pregnancy loss.

I was very emotional when they started reading names off. It is just so unfair and horrible how many names were being read off and how many parents were there going through the same thing we are. When they read Reese and Scotlyn's names I had calmed and I was able to endure a little peace while we released our balloons.

My sweet boy picked some flowers for me:)

The scenery was gorgeous, the weather was perfect and the company was comforting.

 It was so amazing to be there just for our girls and all of the other sweet babies that have died entirely too soon.

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  1. How awesome that you got to do this today!I really wanted to one last Sunday but my hubby could not miss church and I did not want to go alone. Did you get to meet other moms in your area? Brennan is always so sweet to you:)I would love to get an update on our last email when you have time:)