Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Boys Life

Even at 3 years old involves shaving:)

My friend Dani got this for Brennan and he was SO excited! He never wants to take a bath-he always has fun, but it takes some coercion to get him in there. Well, he wanted to get into the bath immediately after receiving this! He loved it-it was just like daddy:)

Bren got a new art easel for Christmas and it's awesome! It has a chalk board, dry erase and paper to paint, draw, etc. Thanks maw maw and paw paw:)

Concentrating on exactly which color to use next...

The finished masterpiece...

Brennan's playroom has always been a free for all for toys. Toys thrown here and there and not much organization. Well I know it wasn't long ago-a few months maybe that I cleaned the playroom and moved baby toys down to the basement :( I felt like I had organized somewhat, but then you know we just had Christmas so it was time for another overhaul. It may not look completely organized, but in my mind everything has a place and a lot of stuff that needed to be cleaned out was. I don't think there is one square inch that doesn't have something in its place. It's packed wall to wall!

I'm thankful for all of the wonderful things he has to help him learn, grow and challenge his imagination. Brennan is a very unique child with great potential and I want to give him everything he needs to succeed.

This is Brennan's new "Responsibility Chart" I love it and I think it is going to be great for him! GiGi got him this for Christmas and I am hoping to put it to good use. There are many more "goals" to choose from, but we chose the most appropriate for Brennan and his age. This can be used for a long time as it has more household chores (dishes, laundry), but the ones we picked are:

*Stop Whining-I would give many rewards to never hear another whine again!
*Apologize to Someone-The other night he was apologizing to me for hitting his friend Brody?
*Take a Bath-perfect for the arguing over getting into the tub
*Brush Teeth-Brennan is really good about this, but it is still appropriate
*Share-Of course any kid can use some encouragement in this department
*Put Toys Away-Brennan is terrible at this, which is our fault because we have never really made him put his toys away. His toys have always just been thrown about in his playroom, but now that I have organized I'm hoping this will help keep all of my hard work from being undone.
*Take Care of Pet-We got Brennan a cat last month and I think a big part of having a pet is being responsible for taking care of it.

Obviously since he is 3 we aren't going to punish him if he doesn't do some things, but this is more a reward system and encourages this good, responsible behavior.

So anyway Brennan gets to pick a magnet and place it next to task he accomplished on which day of the week.

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