Friday, January 21, 2011

the end

A couple of months ago I had a urinalysis done to check for protein (because I still have some residual swelling) and it was positive. They were going to recheck in a month, but when I saw my hematologist she wanted a 24 hour urine protein, which is more accurate. Well that was high too so she wanted me to see a nephrologist. So I had my appointment last week. The doctor was very nice, but he did not review my chart before I came so he had no idea about my pregnancy with Reese and Scotlyn. Well, along with the story come the tears. I sobbed through the entire appointment. It was so frustrating because I really wanted to talk to him about everything and I was trying to concentrate on what he was saying, but I was so upset and then of course he felt bad for not knowing my chart so he was apologizing-seriously it was a mess. Then every time he would say the word "proteinuria" I would think of my perinatologist saying the very same word over and over and over-"proteinuria". flashback.anxiety.sadness.tears.

So the final diagnosis is very mild kidney damage. Barring any other insults to my kidneys, I should be fine and the residual swelling is just that, residual. So hopefully that was the end of the end of this whole situation, medically anyway.

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