Monday, January 24, 2011

My Wish

I wish that Reese and Scotlyn were here with us on their 6 month birthday.

I wish I was posting updates on their height and weight at this age and developmental milestones they have reached at this point. I wish I was posting pictures of the happy smiling faces of my two baby girls. I wish they were here being entertained by their big brother. I wish that when people are talking about babies I didn't want to walk away, that I could join in about my babies. I wish they were here for us to love on and snuggle with.

In these 6 months my girls have taught me more about life than I've ever learned before. They have made me realize what is important in life and to never take anything for granted. They have taught me how fragile life is, how anything can happen at any moment. Not a moment in my day goes by without thinking of them-I miss them more than words.

"Our lives can change with every breath we take." -Where The Heart Is


  1. Just want you to know im thinking of you today knowing tomorrow with be a hard one you take care and if you need anything you know im here to talk